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TLAC is dedicated to deliver an accreditation process that caters to every education preparation provider and turns out to reasonable for everyone.

A lot of TLAC’s functions are dependent on donations, which are valued in million dollars every year. We have volunteers who review accreditations, programs and their governance. TLAC is also financially supported by a diverse coalition of educational organizations and states committed to competence in educator preparation. Accreditation expenses would be prohibitively expensive without such field support.Annual EPP Fees and Accreditation Review Fees/Expenses are the two main fees involved with the peer-review accreditation process for EPPs. The TLAC Accreditation evaluation by a panel of competent reviewers - review teams - ensures the program's excellence. Accreditation Review Fees pay TLAC support staff for the review, while Review Expenses cover the review team's in-transit/travel expenditures. TLAC and the EPPs are thankful to the time commitment of these dedicated experts. Our policy prohibits elaborate lodgings, formal meals, parties, functions, and presents.

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