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Every seven years, TLAC bylaws are reviewed according to the TLAC standards. Initially tasked in 2018 to update the bylaws and research according to the standards, there was eventually a task force made in 2020 to handle such matters. The task force also examined US Department of Education (USDOE) and CHEA rules, over 300 TLAC accreditation decisions, and stakeholder feedback. The task force concentrated on analyzing the 2013 standards in order to consolidate, clarify, and streamline them.

Such cases, in extreme conditions if they arise, included the changing or alteration of inappropriate language. With an advent of modern online learning, additions have been made to accomodate technology and its standards. Added measures have been made to ensure diversity and inclusion such as the assurance that the candidates chosen by recruiters are an image of diversity from America’s P-12 students.

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