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Multiple committees overlook the functions of TLAC while eventually reporting to the Board of Governors.

With board committees being permanent and made up of only members of the Board of Directors, standing committees are ongoing boards made up of members of the Board of Directors and subject matter experts. Advisory committees have responsibilities that are approved by the Board on an annual basis, and their membership is determined by the committee charge.

Board Committees: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of The Board Officers and the Chair of the Accreditation Council. The Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing our financial operations, determining the President's salary, evaluating the President's performance, and making decisions on behalf of the Board when the power is given by the Board or in emergency situations where action is temporary.

Bylaws and Policy Committee

This committee executes its duties accordingly on an annual basis once receiving the yearly review of the TLAC bylaws by the Board.

Nominating Committee

This Committee shall gather proposals and offer to the Board one or more slates of candidates for Board Director or Officer positions, including the Accreditation Chair post, for election, re-election, or appointment. It will ensure proper reflection of partnership and diversity that TLAC values.

Audit Committee

This Committee will oversee the outside audit process, which includes selecting, supervising, and retaining an independent auditor. It will additionally manage the procedure for submitting financial reports and provide risk assessment and risk management advice to the Board.

Standing Committees include the Diversity Committee, Research Committee and SPA Standards Committee