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TLAC defines advanced-level programmes as educator preparation programmes at the post-baccalaureate or graduate levels that lead to licensure, certification, or endorsement. Advanced-level programmes are aimed at preparing P-12 teachers who have undergone an initial preparation programme, as well as presently licenced administrators. These programmes are presented to TLAC in accordance with the TLAC Advanced-Level Accreditation Standards. A single self-study report is submitted for assessment for an educator preparation provider (EPP) with solely advanced-level programmes or both initial- and advanced-level programmes.

The TLAC Advanced-Level Accreditation Standards and their components are based on two principles:

  • There is strong evidence that the provider's graduates are capable and caring educators.
  • There must be sufficient evidence that the educational institution has the ability to foster an evidence-based culture and use it to sustain and enhance the caliber of the professional programmes they provide.
  • These standards maintain our efficiency and quality that we ensure with every program that we accredit. Such standards are mentioned below,
  • Content and Pedagogical Understanding: The provider guarantees that applicants for professional specialties comprehend the essential concepts of their discipline, as well as supports candidates' reflection on their personal prejudices in order to strengthen their awareness and practise of equality, diversity, and inclusion. The provider has purposefully designed their curriculum to allow candidates to show their capacity to successfully communicate with diverse P-12 pupils and their families.
  • Clinical Collaborations and Practice: The provider ensures that effective relationships and high-quality clinical practise are fundamental to preparation in order for applicants to develop the knowledge, abilities, and professional dispositions required for their professional specialty sector.
  • Preparation Satisfaction: The provider keeps track of how satisfied its graduates and their employers are with the importance and value of their training.
  • Candidate Selectivity and Quality: The provider shows that the excellence of advanced programme candidates is a continuous and intentional priority, so that graduates are capable of performing effectively and can be referred for certification where appropriate.
  • System of Quality Assurance and Continuous Enhancement: The supplier implements a quality assurance system comprised of valid data from numerous measurements and enables sustained and evidence-based continuous improvement.
  • Capacity in Finance and Administration: The EPP has the economic and administrative capability, professors, structure (facilities, equipment, and supplies), and other resources essential for applicants to be prepared to fulfill competent, state, and institutional standards.
  • Evidence of Compliance with Title IV of the Higher Education Act